Anzac Drive Memorial – Francis Vallance 2010

What/who was there? 

Formerly residential and farm land, the suburb of Dallington adjacent the river is now  


  • significant historical plantings 

Before is was a suburb, Dallington was ….. 

What is the significance?   

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Anzac Drive Memorial – Francis Vallance 2010

What is the future? 

  • Changes to and the upkeep of Glenarm Garden (past-present)  
  • completion of the new Snell Bridge (future-April 22)  
  • removal of stopbank/road on the south side of the river to allow wetland regeneration (future-2023)  
  • extensive bush/forest planting in the loop (completed and planned)  
  • completion of Dallington Landing community picnic area (opening early 2021)  
  • proposed riverside landing at Kerrs Reach/Porrit Park 
  • fruit/nut forest and replanting