Anzac Drive Memorial – Francis Vallance 2010

What/who was there? 

The Avon Loop is a historic riverside community with a strong cultural heritage Ngai Tahu and English settlers first did business along the river in the 1850s.

What is the significance?   

The Avon Loop has been a residential pocket in the bend of the Ōtākaro-Avon River since the 1800s. However, post-earthquakes, the area was red zoned and subsequently, housing removed. Nevertheless, community guardianship has remained in the Loop through a strong sense of community fostered by groups like the Avon Loop Planning Association. These groups preserve and enhance the area by aiding redevelopment and restoration coordinating community activities. The Avon Loop Cottage facilitates meetings, workshops, and community events.

Anzac Drive Memorial – Francis Vallance 2010

What is the future? 

Additional amenities include a pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, a boardwalk, a canoe/kayak ramp, new lighting, and ongoing native planting.